Long-Term Reliable Water Supply Strategy

BAWSCA was established as a multi-county agency authorized to “plan for and acquire supplemental water supplies, to encourage water conservation and use of recycled water on a regional basis…..”  (CA Water Code Section 81301(d)).  Furthermore, BAWSCA’s water management objective is to ensure that a reliable, high quality supply of water is available where and when people, businesses, and community agencies within the BAWSCA service area need it. Consistent with the legislature’s intent and BAWSCA’s water management objective, BAWSCA has completed the Phase I Scoping Report for the “Long-Term Reliable Water Supply Strategy” (Strategy).  This report marks the completion of the first step in the development and implementation of BAWSCA’s Strategy to reliably meet the projected normal and drought year water needs of the BAWSCA member agencies and their customers through 2035.