Sr. Administrative Analyst

Christina Luning Tang is the Senior Administrative Analyst for the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA), which comprises the 26 utilities that purchase water from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) for resale to their local service areas. BAWSCA represents its members’ collective interests in their relationship with the SFPUC on matters related to water supply, facility reliability, operations, water quality and wholesale water rates. 

Reporting directly to the General Manager, Christina administers the Water Supply Agreement with San Francisco to protect interests of members and their customers in a fair price for water purchased from San Francisco. Christina reviews and analyzes the SFPUC's wholesale rate projections, conducts the Wholesale Revenue Requirement review, makes recommendations related to the compliance audit and negotiates equitable settlements with the SFPUC. 

Christina manages activities related to BAWSCA’s revenue bonds, performs annual surcharge setting calculations, maintains proper records and accounts, ensures timely continuing disclosure filing, and monitors revenues collected by SFPUC and expenditures spent through the Trustee. 

Christina joined the BAWSCA in April 2012, following more than eight years of day-to-day financial operations with City and County governments and special district governmental entities. 

Christina received her Master of Science Degree in Finance from the University of Houston, her Master of Public Administration from the University of Illinois at Springfield, and her Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Nanjing University in China.