Milestones in Wholesale Customers’ Relationship with the Regional Water System


1. SFPUC’s  Adoption of Capital Improvement Program to Meet State Requirements

On March 1, 2003, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission first adopted the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), later called the Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) to meet the State law requirements due to passage of AB 1823 the prior year.  

2. New Water Supply Agreement Negotiated by BAWSCA and Signed by San Francisco and its Wholesale Customers

In 2009, San Francisco and its Wholesale Customers adopted the Water Supply Agreement (WSA), which provides that both San Francisco and its wholecustomers hare a commitment to the Regional Water System providing a reliable supply if high quality water at a fiar price and chieving these goals in an environmentally sustainable e manner.  The Agreement has a 25 year life and can be extended for two subsequent five year terms if desired.

3. BAWSCA Initiates First Ever Regional Planning Effort - The Long-Term Reliable Water Supply Strategy

BAWSCA’s water management objective is to ensure that a reliable, high-quality supply of water is available where and when people within the BAWSCA member agency service area need it. The purpose of the Long Term Reliable Water Supply Strategy (Strategy) is to quantify the water supply reliability needs of the BAWSCA member agencies through 2040, identify the water supply management projects that could be developed to meet those regional water reliability needs, and develop an implementation plan for the Strategy. Successful implementation of the Strategy is essential to ensuring that there will be reliable water supplies for the BAWSCA member agencies and their customers in the future.

4. BAWSCA Saves Water Customers over $62 Million

In January 2013, BAWSCA issued revenue bonds to prepay $356.1 million in remaining capital cost owed by its member agencies to San Francisco.  The bond transaction and the payment program will generate approximately $62.3 million in net present value savings over the term of the bonds, or about 17% of the outstanding debt expected to be prepaid.  These savings are a direct benefit to water customers. 

5. BAWSCA Agencies and San Francisco Amend Water Supply Agreement to Protect Water Customers

In 2013, BAWSCA agencies and San Francisco amended the Water Supply Agreement to give the wholesale customers a vote in any changes to the Hetch Hetchy system, including draining Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. 


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