Irrigation Hardware Rebates

Irrigation Hardware Rebates


Get your yard drought ready with high-efficiency irrigation devices! Rebates are available for high efficiency sprinkler nozzles, spray bodies with pressure regulation, and large rotors


The Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) is offering an Irrigation Hardware Rebate Program for the purchase and installation of irrigation equipment to enhance irrigation efficiency and to reduce water use. The program will provide rebates of up to $5 for High-Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles, up to $10 for Spray Bodies with Pressure Regulation, and up to $30 for Large Rotors. 


For the fastest rebate,  APPLY ONLINE. You will need your water account number in order to register for an online account and submit your application. 


Program Information



Participating Agencies


Rebate Agency Nozzles Spray Bodies Large Rotors Description
Irrigation Hardware Rebate Alameda County Water District $5 $10 $30 Fremont, Newark, Union City
Irrigation Hardware Rebate Hillsborough $5 $10 $30 Town of Hillsborough
Irrigation Hardware Rebate Menlo Park $5 $10 $30 City of Menlo Park


Irrigation Hardware Rebate Mid-Peninsula Water District $5 $10 $30 Belmont and portions of San Carlos
Irrigation Hardware Rebate Redwood City $5 $10 $30 City of Redwood City