Large Landscape Program

Member agencies can subscribe to BAWSC’s Large Landscape Program to help their commercial and public customers with irrigation efficiency. The program started in 2003 and has proved effective at both reducing overwatering and improving plant health and appearance.


The program’s website provides authorized users with a dashboard comparing actual water use to a budget benchmark for each of their sites. The budget is based on real-time weather and site-specific characteristics documented on an editable map. If a site overwaters, actionable solutions are recommended depending on the nature of the problem (e.g., leaks, irrigation scheduling, sprinkler equipment). For targeted sites accepting additional help, irrigation experts conduct on-site landscape field surveys to generate detailed diagnostics and recommendations. Users can grant permission for other stakeholders such as HOA board members or landscape contractors to share their site’s information. Since many users are associated with multiple sites located in multiple member agency service areas, this program provides a regional solution to a regional challenge.

BAWSCA member agencies interested in offering this program to their customers can contact the BAWSCA Water Conservation Staff for more information. Waterfluence is the program vendor, under contract to BAWSCA. Visit their Home Page to view a map outlining all existing sites in the program.