Large Landscape Audits

BAWSCA administers a Large Landscape Audit Program to provide its member agencies with a cost-effective way to reduce outdoor water use within their service areas.  BAWSCA member agencies that elect to participate in this program offer the program to select large landscapes within the service areas.

The Large Landscape Audit Program includes large landscape surveys to assess landscape watering needs and monthly distribution of landscape water budgets for selected accounts.  This work is done by Waterfluence, under contract to BAWSCA.  A key component of the measure implementation is the ongoing tracking of actual water use and estimated water savings at surveyed sites.  Audits are offered to qualifying commercial and residential accounts.

The Large Landscape Audit Program is offered to BAWSCA member agencies on a subscription basis.  BAWSCA member agencies interested in offering this program to their customers can contact the BAWSCA Water Conservation Staff for more information


View Waterfluence's Home Page to explore their new "Where We Operate" mapping tool.