Water Wise Kits

BAWSCA currently offers its member agencies the Water-wise School Education Kits Program. Through the Water-wise School Education Kits Program, kits are distributed to 5th grade students that enable them to install water saving devices and perform a water audit in their home. Included with the kit is a curriculum for the teacher. The water conservation curriculum that can be easily implemented by teachers, easily understood and taken back into the home by the students, and includes methods to quantify the water savings as a result of taking the actions in the curriculum. The kits are consistent with BAWSCA’s approach to offering public education and outreach regarding water conservation.

The kits are typically taken home by the students, who may share the learning experience with their family members. The energy and water efficient devices contained in the kits are installed in the home and the family is able to calculate the water savings resulting from each device. Essentially the kit allows the student to perform in-home water audit. The kit includes:


  • Energy and Water Saving High-Efficiency Showerhead
  • Kitchen Aerator
  • Flip Control Bathroom Aerator
  • Energy Cost Calculator
  • Mini-Tape Measure
  • Flow Rate Test Bag
  • Multi-Function Drop / Rain Gauge
  • Water Temperature Check Card
  • Toilet Leak Detector Tablets


After the student performs the audit and installs the water and energy savings devices, affidavits signed by the parents are returned to the school, collected by the teacher, and forwarded to Water Wise for program documentation of implementation and resulting savings.

The Water Wise Kits program is offered to BAWSCA member agencies on a subscription basis.  BAWSCA member agencies interested in offering this program to schools within their service areas can contact the BAWSCA Water Conservation Staff for more information.