Water Reliability

BAWSCA has the authority to coordinate water conservation, supply and recycling activities for its agencies; acquire water and make it available to other agencies on a wholesale basis; finance projects, including improvements to the regional water system; and build facilities jointly with other local public agencies or on its own to carry out the agency’s purposes.


Amended and Restated Water Supply Agreement between the City and County of San Francisco and Wholesale Customers (November 2018)

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Annual Conservation Report

Annual Conservation Report FY 2019-20


Annual Survey

Annual Survey FY 2019-20


BAWSCA Asset Management Program Audit of SFPUC Operations and Maintenance Program

The 2009 Water Supply Agreement (WSA) specifies BAWSCA to perform an audit of the SFPUC’s asset management program for the San Francisco Regional Water System (SFRWS). The Audit, Phase 1, reviews and documents SFPUC’s current asset management program, and provides a summary of the data and technology systems, asset management processes, plans, and systems assessed in the audit.


BAWSCA Drought Report


BAWSCA and Valley Water AMI  Implementation Survey - White Paper


Capital Improvement Plan Comparison Study


Establishment of Interim Supply Allocations by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


Long Term Reliable Water Supply Strategy

Long Term Reliable Water Supply Strategy

Pilot Water Transfer - Notice of Exemption


Making Conservation a Way of Life" Strategic Plan - Phase 1

Conservation Strategic Plan - September 17, 2018


Regional Water Demand and Conservation Savings Projections

Final Report - June 26, 2020


Water Conservation Implementation Plan

Conservation Implementation Plan - September 2009


Water Recycling and Potable Reuse

White Paper - July 12, 2017