What is Greywater?

Greywater is untreated wastewater from bathtubs, showers, bathroom washbasins, and clothes washing machines. It does not include any toilet discharge, unhealthy bodily wastes, or manufacturing wastes.


What are greywater systems?

Greywater systems are fixed plumbing structures that allow the specified untreated wastewater to be transported directly to landscapes as a main source of plant/garden irrigation.  


Why should you consider a greywater system?

California has a long history of prolonged drought and small alternatives like greywater plumbing systems allow Bay Area residents to get needed water supply for selective gardening while also saving fresh water for necessary uses. Depending on the property type, greywater systems can be relatively inexpensive and can utilize a water source that would normally not be reused. 


BAWSCA highly encourages the use of greywater systems especially during a time where water is becoming more and more of a scarcity. Although BAWSCA does not host a regional subscription program for greywater systems, our member agencies all hold different policies and potential assistance programs for the implementation of these projects. Be sure to check your local water agency's greywater page or the BAWSCA Greywater Factsheet for more information!


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