Landscape Class Videos

View videos of BAWSCA's past landscape classes! 


Water Efficient Edible Gardening - Instructed by Suzanne Bontempo (April 8, 2020)


Rainwater Harvesting Workshop - Instructed by Sherri Osaka (Fall 2019)


Pruning & Propagation Workshop: Making New Plants from Old - Instructed by Deva Luna (Fall 2019)

Gardening with Succulents - Instructed by Jennifer Ahlstrand (May 4, 2020)

Design It Yourself Native Plant Landscape - Instructed by Juanita Salisbury (May 13, 2020)

Harvesting Rainwater and Building a Rain Garden - Instructed by Chris Corvetti (May 14, 2020)

Rainwater Harvesting 101 Webinar: A (Rain) Barrel of Fun & Learning - Instructed by Chris Corvetti (May 16, 2020)

Maintaining Water-Efficient Gardens and Irrigation Leak Detection - Instructed by Frank Niccoli (May 16, 2020)

Getting to Know Your Rachio Controller - Instructed by Dane Berry and Danielle Cumming (May 19, 2020)

Succulents and Propagation - Instructed by Jennifer Ahlstrand (May 27,2020)

Drought Tolerant Habitat Gardens - Instructed by Juanita Salisbury (May 28,2020)

Family Workshop: Attracting Good Bugs to Your Garden - Instructed by Suzanne Bontempo (June 6,2020)

The Secrets to Successful Succulent Landscaping - Instructed by Janice Moody (June 6,2020)

Summer Landscape Essentials - Instructed by Suzanne Bontempo (June 10,2020)

Natural Pest Deterrent - Instructed by Frank Niccoli (June 13,2020)

Eco-Conscious Gardening for Wildlife - Instructed by Juanita Salisbury (September 24,2020)

How to Design, Build & Maintain A Rain Garden - Instructed by Kevin Robert Perry, Haven Kiers (October 10,2020)

Rain Water Harvesting - Instructed by Frank Niccoli (September 26,2020)