Landscape Classes

Landscape Education Classes are offered in the Spring and Fall of each year.

Learn how to garden beautifully while reducing your water use.  BAWSCA’s Landscape Educated Classes are designed to introduce homeowners, commercial property managers, landscape service providers, and others to the concepts of water-efficient and sustainable landscaping.


We are currently preparing for the Spring 2018 Landscape Educational Program. Please check back soon!


FREE Classroom Lectures and Hands-On Workshops focus on:

  • Sustainable Landscaping
    • Understanding Water-Use Efficiency in the Landscape
    • Use of California Native and Drought Tolerant Plants
    • Creating Healthy Soil
  • Alternatives to Lawn
  • Habitat Gardening
  • Edible Landscaping
  • Water Efficient Irrigation Practices
  • Parent/Child Gardening Workshop

Water Conservation 101

Learn how to reduce your water consumption, help our local water shortage, and save money! BAWSCA’s Water Conservation 101 classes present important facts and updates on the recent water restrictions, ways to check and control your own home water usage, and how to take advantage of rebate and resource opportunities.


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